How to run a Mac in single-player or detailed logging

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Os X, like other operating systems, has several different download modes. Two of them – single-player mode and detailed logging mode may be needed and ordinary users who want to find out what problem happened to the Mac. Running a Mac in one of these modes is easy enough.

Step 1. Turn off your Mac

Step 2. Turn on your Mac while holding one of the key combinations:

Step 3. Wait for white text to appear on the screen, which will mean that the system has started working in single-user mode or detailed logging mode.

That’s the simpleway you can run your Mac in one of the special modes. To get out of them, it is enough to restart the computer, after which it will start working as standard.

To keep your Mac downloaded in detailed logging mode, run Terminal and enter the following command:

Note: You’ll need to enter an administrator’s password to use the command.

If you don’t need to download your computer in a special mode, write a command in the same Terminal:

Once you’ve entered it, your Mac will continue to run as normal.

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