Useful programs for mac OS

Mac OS is one of the most popular operating systems in the world. It is characterized by stability, ease of use and a high level of protection against viruses. Mac OS has a lot of system programs installed, but users download additional ones to work comfortably. Here’s what you can tell you about the most useful and popular mac OS apps that will make it more functional.

The Unarchiver

Mac has its own archivist, but it only works with the files that were created on this OS. They can’t open data from Windows, Linux, Android. Reads almost all existing archives extensions:

  • Zip and 7-zip;
  • RAR;
  • LhA;
  • Tar-Gzip and so on.

The benefits of The Unarchiver include:

  • It is freely available, use is free, activation is not necessary.
  • When unzipaging, it accurately preserves the names of the files in both Latin and Cyrillic.
  • There is a possibility of selecting a folder that will move the contents of the archive when it is unpacked.


MacID is a useful tool for those who want to automate password entry. The only limitation is that you need an iPhone to act on this program. It also needs to download a similar paid app. The PC and laptop version is free.

MacID acts as follows. After installing the program on the computer and smartphone, both devices are synchronized. When you move away from your PC, it will be blocked. To authorize the system, you need to go to the computer and unlock the iPhone. Unlocking The Poppy will happen automatically.

With this application do not have to constantly memorize and enter complex passwords, just take care of the security of your gadget. You will be able to log in with just a touch of your finger on your smartphone.


Slack is the best mac OS X program for business correspondence. In the application, you can not only exchange messages, but also create and run entire business projects. Its main advantage is integration with cloud services and social networks. For example, Slack lets you create, edit, and forward Google Docs.

The most interesting features of this utility for Mac include:

  • Create an unlimited number of subgroups in one chat room
  • Downloading data on your own hosting and file exchange.
  • Finding, archiving and restoring messages sent
  • the ability to add built-in plugins and extensions.

VLC Player

VLC Player is an alternative to a standard media player that has limited functionality and does not support many extensions. VLC Player not only plays most files, but also reads DVDs, Audio CD, VCD, allows you to conduct video broadcasts.

VLC Player features that will make it easier to work with audio and video:

  • Playing videos directly from YouTube
  • Converting files from one format to another
  • Installing the video as a screensaver on your desktop
  • Deciphering audio recordings
  • create quality screenshots while watching the video.


Often the use of a computer is very harmful to vision. F.lux can help reduce the eye load on Mac users. This utility adapts screen settings depending on the time of day.

Artificial light is warmer than natural light, so at night the monitor becomes colder in contrast. In the daytime, on the contrary, the warm color scheme returns. In the latest version of f.lux, the developers have added an interesting feature. The system selects settings based not only on time, but also on the individual user’s schedule.

Two more modes are available in the utility:

  • Movie Mode – to watch a movie and long videos.
  • Darkroom – for comfortable use of the computer in the dark.


A very convenient and functional reader is included in the list of the best applications for mac OS. It cooperates with many services, so once installed, you can automatically move your reading tape to one program.

In ReadKit there is an opportunity to fine-tune the design: not only to choose a common theme, but also a font, a keg, an inter-line interval, a paragraph and so on. This feature is especially relevant for visually impaired users.

In addition, Ridkit has a convenient filtration system. Files can be sorted by these parameters:

  • Content
  • The date of addition
  • Internet link
  • The service from which the content is downloaded
  • read or unread.


Fantastical is an advanced calendar. It allows:

  • Create reminders of events. Each of them is marked with a special color, so that it was more convenient to navigate.
  • Automatically postpone the designated events. For example, if you write “tomorrow’s meeting at 8,” the next day the calendar will have information “today’s meeting at 8.” Note that reminders need to be written in English.
  • Add a widget for quick notifications so you don’t miss anything important and create new tasks instantly.


Pocket is a new approach to data retention. It doesn’t store files, it keeps entire pages from the browser. This allows you to view them even when you don’t have an internet connection. Once installed and registered, Pocket creates a widget that you just need to click on to archive the page.

Web pages remain in the wild. This means that offline access will not see a messy set of characters and pictures, but the same as you did before.


If you’re a freelancer, whether you’re a web developer, designer, or writer, you probably understand the effort of will, patience, and motivation it takes to stay focused on tasks rather than wandering around with thoughts in your mind.

When you manage time yourself, you will definitely stumble upon stumbling blocks like distractions that consume much of this precious resource – time. Time is especially important for freelancers who work for results, not time spent at work.

This is why time tracking programs are a lifeline for freelancers. These programs act as reminders, disciplinary assistants and motivators for both freelancers and working groups. Furthermore, many of the time management tools include financial functions such as creating invoices for your clients.

Monitask for mac visually displays your time and tasks, and lets you organize your clients and projects. It automatically starts a new timer when you start working on another task, but you can always adjust the time.

Other features of Monitask include scheduling, which you can export, invoicing and reporting as charts.  One of the cheapest programs presented here


When you use software, some of the data is stored in your computer’s memory. Often this is completely unnecessary information: cache of applications, installation files and other garbage. It not only clutters the device, but also significantly inhibits its work.

The CLeaner can clear the extra data. This utility performs the following functions:

  • Removing browser cache, bookmarks, downloads, and other information
  • De-installation of installed programs;
  • Set up an auto-start of apps when you log in.
  • cleaning the basket.

Little Snitch

In addition to antivirus software, a computer that is constantly connected to the Internet needs additional protection to connect securely. For Mack, it will provide Little Snitch, a simple and functional firewall.

Initially, the system has its own utility, but Little Snitch has several advantages over it:

  • The ability to block not only incoming, but also outgoing connections;
  • There are subtle settings available to select apps that will be monitored.
  • check network traffic to track software changes.


Transmission is a version of the torrent tracker for Mack OS. It features a laconic design, ease of use and a variety of useful features. With Transmission, you can:

  • Create torrent files
  • Broadcast the speed of data downloads;
  • Monitor the speed at which files are distributed
  • Automatically delete downloads after they have been set up.
  • sort torrents into groups.



Bear is a text editor, made in the best traditions of minimalism. You can create long notes and short notes. The program allows you to format the text in the right way: arrange paragraphs, lists, headlines, and so on. Entries are sorted with the that the user prescribes to each document.


An important advantage of Bear is synchronization with the mobile version. You can open and edit files at the same time on your computer and on your smartphone or tablet.


VOX is a music player that lets you listen to music online without keeping it in the device’s memory. It also works with the iTunes data library, so all files can be imported directly from it.


The main advantages of the VOX media player include:

  • A simple and easy-to-understand interface in a laconic black-and-white range;
  • Support for a variety of music formats, including ALAC, FLAC, OGG;
  • Fine-tuning the sound with a built-in equalizer;
  • control apps with swipes, not clicking buttons.


This email client turns messages into tasks that are notified. You can connect profiles from two systems, Gmail and iCloud.

As soon as you receive the message, the messages are sorted by volume and importance, and read and unread messages are highlighted. The app is very convenient to work with drafts – they are automatically stored in the Dropbox cloud.


One of the most convenient features is the ability to recant reading. With it, you’ll tell you if you saw the letter, but read it later.


Mac doesn’t have quality pre-installed image editors, so GIMP will play their role. It retains all the basic features of Photoshop, but the app is completely free.


GIMP opens up these possibilities:

  • Create graphic images of any type (drawings, logos, etc.)
  • Processing photos and other images with color correction, filter overlay, pruning and distortion;
  • drawing from scratch – for this are available brushes of a variety of shapes and thicknesses, layer control, their transparency and position, and so on;
  • Support for scanners and tablets to create graphics
  • create animated files and more.

Paste 2

Paste 2 is a buffer between your Mac and your mobile device on iOS. It works in the background and allows you to instantly copy a dedicated object simultaneously on two gadgets.


The buffer storage is unlimited, and you can move even heavy files. Selection and copying is done in any convenient way: a combination of keys, dragging, and so on.


With the closure of access to some legislative programs, programs that provide a secure and closed connection have become popular today. For Mack, the most popular is considered Betternet.


The functionality of the app allows:

  • Download apps that are not available in the local area.
  • Open web pages that are blocked
  • It is safe to use public networks.
  • maintain complete anonymity while searching the Internet.


There are many useful programs available for mac OS. They improve the speed of the PC, make its use safer, make it easier to create and edit files of different formats. Most of the utilities are free, but some require a fixed amount or a program once a month to download.


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