How to run iOS apps on your Mac or PC

How to run iOS apps on your Mac or PC

Fans of “apple” technology talk about the ecosystem much more often than others. At the same time, the only thing that many believe keeps them on the Apple platform is #8211; the interconnectedness and deep synchronization of devices and services with each other. What continuity is worth, allowing you to interact with your Mac with your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. For complete happiness, all you have to do is “screw” the possibility of running non-system applications side-by-side.

But, as it turned out, Apple is notoriously late, and this feature is already present and allows owners not only Mac, but also PCs to work with applications for iOS right on the desktop or laptop. Just install an iPadian program that partially transfers iPad functionality to your computer. Such is the tablet simulator, repeating its interface, and some features of the code. However, does it matter when it comes to launching a priori incompatible applications?

Almost anyone can install iPadian by going to thethis link. The developers of the application have tried their best, adapting it to the maximum number of versions of operating systems. For example, even Linux users, as well as Windows Vista and OS X 10.4, including newer versions, will be able to experience the benefits of iPadian. The performance of the simulator is not guaranteed on the latest versions of the OS like Windows 10 and macOS Sierra. But personally I have earned, so do not be afraid – install.

How to run iOS apps on your Mac or PC

Be prepared for the fact that during installation the system can ask you to upgrade Adobe Flash to the latest version or download the Windows.NET Framework packageHere. This is necessary for the best compatibility of individual iPadian elements and the OS itself. A small remark: Mac owners should not do anything like this. This recommendation is exclusive and is exclusively for users of Windows devices.

How to run iOS apps on your Mac or PC

Once you’ve finished unlocking and installing iPadian components, you’ll be redirected to an iOS-like desktop. There, you’ll find a standard set of apps specific to iPhone and iPad, including Safari and The App Store. For further work, open a pre-installed app store and enter the name of the game you want. Be prepared, however, for the fact that you will not be available the entire list of software placed on the shelves of the App Store. However, enjoy the desktop version of Angry Birds or Plants vs. zombies of both parts you still succeed.

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