A selection of hidden Google Chrome features you don’t know about

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Yesterday’s Article Google Chrome has been surprisingly warmly received by many of you about ways to improve your speed. It is for this reason that I decided that a kind of continuation with interesting chips and tricks hidden in the annals of your favorite browser, will be at least not superfluous. But before I start, I hasten to warn that the following features are still in test mode and are not regular.

First, you should open the so-called secret settings menu called Flags. Click here for chrome://flags, where you’ll be alerted to possible browser inconsistencies when using any features available on this screen. In other words, use them only if you are fully aware of what you need them for. However, if you’ve read to this point, chances are you’re already determined to change your perception of web surfing.

Sound in the tab

Often we are faced with unwanted video playback in open tabs that can only be turned off by scrolling to the bottom of the page. Sometimes it is not quite convenient to act in this way, which means that the button to disable the audio accompaniment right on the icon of the tab will definitely come in handy. To do this, call the Ctrl’F (for Windows) and Cmd’F (for Mac) page search, type in the phrase “Mute function on the tab” and click on the “Turn on” button. Now you don’t have to search for a promotional video to disable it.

Image upload

This Google Chrome feature would be much more appropriate yesterday’s material but your humble servant failed to remember her in time. I’m getting better. No one likes to wait for heavy pages to load, right? Of course, in the era of 300-gigabit Internet such problems are becoming less and less, but this trick will be useful for those whose Internet is still not familiar with the concept of “fiber.” Without leaving the “flags” page, we again call the line search and enter the “Number of Stream Threads” command. Choose in the drop-down window number 4 as desired and enjoy the instant download of even incredibly heavy files.


To come up with a really complex password, which can not guess any living soul, a task worthy of solving it. All kinds of “qwerty123,” “12345qwe” and “0987poi” are found around and near, and meanwhile stored under their protection information can cost more than ten thousand. So why put yourself at such a clear risk? Trust Google Chrome, which generates a password specifically for you. Don’t worry, the password will be stored on Alphabet’s servers encrypted, which means that no one but you will be able to access it.


The standard Ctrl and Ctrl (Cmd) team is familiar to the vast majority of you. In this way hundreds of thousands of course abstracts and control abstracts were written. But even this method is not half as convenient as the one I want to offer you. To avoid copying the images and advertising banners contained on the page, use the Ctrl’Shift’V team #8220. ”.

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