How to make your MacBook work longer on a single charge

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MacBook is a great laptop that can run on a single charge all day long. However, if you twist the brightness of the display to the maximum, run a dozen applications or open three browsers with active tabs, autonomy will drop several times.

Today we talk about the techniques that will allow you to charge your laptop less often. The tips are versatile, and are suitable for owners of MacBook Air, MacBook and MacBook Pro.

Apple advises setting updates in any incomprehensible situation. The point is that the company’s engineers improve the operating system, optimize its operation and energy consumption. Only owners of very old MacBooks should refrain from the latest macOS versions. On such computers, the system will be blunt and hang – the problem with autonomy will take a back seat.

To check for updates and install them, open App Store go to the tab Update and click Update or Update everything ».

How to make your MacBook work longer on a single charge

The laptop screen consumes the most energy. To optimize energy consumption, Apple has added an automatic brightness adjustment feature to the MacBook. However, if you are constantly working in the same conditions, such as in the office, you can turn it off by self-setting a comfortable level of brightness. Often it is lower than the system offered.

Open the menu System settings » — Monitors . Remove the mark near the “option Adjust the brightness automatically and move the slider over it to an eye-friendly level.

How to make your MacBook work longer on a single charge

When you first set up your MacBook after you buy it, be sure to turn off Bluetooth – it’s on by default. It’s also worth turning off other unused features: keyboard backlight, sound, Wi-Fi if you’re using a wired connection or don’t need the internet, and other macOS delights. The rule is simple – when something is not needed, you can turn off.

Explore the menu System parameters Go through the tabs and decide what functions you can do without. For 3 hours the autonomy will not increase, but a few extra minutes without recharging you get.

How to make your MacBook work longer on a single charge

I often forget to close apps I don’t use. It’s not good. If you want your laptop to work as long as possible on a single charge, it’s best not to have Twitter, Google Chrome, email or Photoshop in the background.

View open apps and how much energy they consume with the tab Energy utilities Monitoring the system ». Run it out of the folder Utilities or search Spotlight and look at the most voracious software. Close apps you don’t need at the moment. At the same time, release your RAM, and the MacBook will run faster.

How to make your MacBook work longer on a single charge

If your laptop still doesn’t work well on a single charge, it might be time to change the battery. Do it better in official services – there are quality batteries, and give a guarantee.

In an past article, we Told how to charge a MacBook to make the battery last a long time. If you are worried about the health of the power supply in your device – be sure to read.

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